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Hanoi: (part 3) Wisdom, Literature and Government

Humidity punctuated the heat of the day with a wetness that counteracted showering and rendered makeup useless.  Sweat found its way into everything, leaving us dehydrated to a dangerous level despite the fact that we were constantly soaking wet.  Water … Continue reading

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Urban Exploring: Seaside Regional Center

Connecticut is full of amazing history. Being in one of the thirteen original colonies, we’re lucky enough to have spectacular old buildings and architecture that tells some really interesting stories.  Another thing that we have plenty of is spooky abandoned … Continue reading

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Free Comic Book Day 2012

“Can you do me a favor?” Really, there are few phrases that inspire the same level of dread in one’s stomach.  I think that “can you do me a favor?” ranks up there with “we need to talk” in the … Continue reading

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