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Vagabonds and Transients

I woke up and I didn’t know where I was.  The light that filtered into my room through the sheers that covered the windows indicated that it was near dawn.  The green glowing lights from the alarm clock indicated that … Continue reading

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Just another day in paradise.

I woke up with the sun.  Really, I woke up because the room was so cold, I couldn’t sleep anymore.  The air conditioner was cranked up so high that the windows had fogged in our room.  Sister was all curled … Continue reading

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On paradise, coriander and waiting for Stephanie.

It’s taken me months to write this post.  Months to be able to revisit this place in my mind.  Maybe I needed it to be hotter.  Maybe I needed the humidity to set in for me to be able to … Continue reading

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On the Road to Paradise

The van that picked us up from the hostel was gloriously air conditioned.  So conditioned that it almost felt cold when we got in.  We piled into the van and off we ventured down the highway.  Traveling in a motor … Continue reading

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Hanoi: (part 3) Wisdom, Literature and Government

Humidity punctuated the heat of the day with a wetness that counteracted showering and rendered makeup useless.  Sweat found its way into everything, leaving us dehydrated to a dangerous level despite the fact that we were constantly soaking wet.  Water … Continue reading

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Hanoi: (part two) On crossing the street and other woes..

The constant movement of the city propelled our travels. We walked everywhere we could, to the dismay of the waiting motor-bike drivers.  As blonde Americans, we were obvious tourists and easy marks.  “Madam!  You buy?” people would hurry up to … Continue reading

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Hanoi: A blending of contradictions (part one)

Imagine a city that blends the modern with the medieval at every turn. Lonely Planet accurately describes it as a city of “Parisian grace and Asian pace.” The heady smell of incense intertwines with the cloying fumes from motorbikes.  The … Continue reading

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Time Travel: Part I

  “Ladies and gentlemen,” the voice says soothingly.  “In preparation for landing, please ensure that your seat backs and tray tables are in their upright and locked positions.” As we descend into Chicago, I can basically recite the speech by … Continue reading

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Urban Exploring: Seaside Regional Center

Connecticut is full of amazing history. Being in one of the thirteen original colonies, we’re lucky enough to have spectacular old buildings and architecture that tells some really interesting stories.  Another thing that we have plenty of is spooky abandoned … Continue reading

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Journeys | An Introduction

Every journey begins with a step, or so they say. Though, in my opinion, journeys begin before the step. Journeys begin with a dream. They start with the seed of the adventure that needs to be taken. A tiny voice inside longs … Continue reading

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