Beauty of Autumn

Autumn Colors

Autumn is my favorite season. There’s always been something about it. This quote from an old TV show sums up my feelings:

Sundays this time of year, I used to lay in bed and watch the morning football game. And then I’d go out when the sun was just… right. Golden. Autumn. I grew up in San Diego, and people say that there are no change of seasons in California, but… there are. I could always feel it. Always. There is just this… cold, inevitable edge in the air. The light, the colors… it’s as if the Earth were letting you know that Summer was gone. There’s no getting it back. Winter’s coming and there’s nothing that you can do to escape it. A lot of people say that they fall in love in the Spring. Not me. I always fell in love in Autumn. It is just the most… romantic… sexy… desperate… –Lt. Shane Vansen, “Space: Above and Beyond”

Something about the light changes when autumn creeps in. Everything takes on this slightly golden cast. The blue of the sky is slightly more intense. The green of the leaves brightens slightly before giving way to golds and reds. Growing up in New England, I loved how autumn touched on all five senses. I would wrap myself in all things autumn.

Since Labor Day is over, it doesn’t really matter that it’s still hot. To me, it’s autumn. Here is a list of my favorite things about autumn.

  1. Pumpkin Spice Latte:
pumpkin spice

Take my money.

The official taste of autumn. I don’t know which chain was the one who invented this, but I love them. Starbucks’ autumn menu not only has the coveted PSL, but also the Salted Caramel Mocha and this year the Teavana Chai.  I’m not ashamed to admint that some days I will go to Starbucks twice. Be aware that most Starbucks run the “Treat Receipt” campaign. Bring your morning receipt back after 2pm and get a grande drink for $2.  It helps your wallet…

  1. Bonfires

fireMaybe this is a New England things, because I think that I might get into trouble if I had a bonfire in  Van Cortlandt Park. But there is something so awesome about sitting by a fire to stay warm.

  1. Sweaters

Goodbye sundresses, hello jeans and sweaters! I love curling up in a warm sweater. By a bonfire. With a pumpkin spice latte. You see how they all build upon each other?

  1. Boots

Whether you wear Uggs or knee-high or booties or midcalf…  the shoes of fall are amazing. Right around the second week of September, it’s time to put away the sandals and pull out all the awesome boots that have been hiding all summer. This is why we have a day off on Labor Day.

  1. Pumpkin Spice ALL THE THINGS

pumpkibeerWhy stop at coffee? PUMPKIN SOAP.  PUMPKIN BEER. PUMPKIN CANDLES. PUMPKIN LOTION. Spice up your life.  True confession: I burn pumpkin spice candles all year and if I could, I would keep Shipyard Pumpkin in my fridge all year as well.

  1. Leaves

colorThere is nothing better than getting in a leaf fight. You are never too old to jump in a pile of leaves. I love the sound that they make when they blow across the pavement; that skittercrunch noise that you get when you are walking in the woods. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

  1. Colors

Not just leaves, but the sky. Everything in the fall seems to get the saturation level turned up. I firmly believe that the color of the light actually changes.

  1. Harvest Festivals

fair2 Growing up in the country, there were harvest festivals that popped up in towns, counties and then celebrated at the end with the “Big E.” (Eastern States Exposition). Make no mistake, these fairs are more than just a Ferris wheel and the Scrambler. The harvest festivals are epic, sweeping extravaganzas with cider and fried dough and live music.  Also, usually pumpkin beer and bonfires.

  1. Sports

footballIf you’re a sports fan, you have the intersection of all things in the fall. Baseball playoffs, football, the start of hockey… And even better, you can throw on a sweater and boots and go watch a game because now the weather is perfect.

10.  Air

But the best thing about autumn is the smell and the taste of the air. This mélange of spice and smoke and apple. The wind picks up and lifts your hair and has just the slightest bite to it.

Writing this list has made me need to go outside and go for a hike.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

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