Just another day in paradise.


Sunrise over the bay. Already humid.

I woke up with the sun.  Really, I woke up because the room was so cold, I couldn’t sleep anymore.  The air conditioner was cranked up so high that the windows had fogged in our room.  Sister was all curled up under her sheets.  I shivered, yanking at the sheet in an attempt to free it from the bottom of the mattress.  Irritated and numb from cold, I slid from the bed and escaped to the bathroom.  From the porthole, I could see the sun coming up from behind an islet.  I quietly reclaimed my camera from the bedroom and opened up the porthole to take a picture of the sunrise.  The sky was streaked with purple, pink and gold. I turned on my camera and tried to take a shot….

The contrast in humidity from my refrigerator of a room and the humidity already outside immediately fogged the entire camera.  I grumbled, trying to shoot through the condensation.  Sighing inwardly, I quietly snuck out of the bathroom, grabbed a key and slipped out of our bunk.


Early morning shift. I wonder if they have coffee.

The morning heat and humidity was refreshing on my numbed and over-air-conditioned skin.  If my eyes could have fogged up, I’m sure they would have.  I rubbed the lenses on the camera, trying to capture the spectacular colors of the dawn.  Finally the temperatures equalized enough for me to take a few pictures.

There is a legend of sunrise… that if you don’t blink, and you watch closely, the whole world turns to gold for a moment.  Blink and you’ll miss it. I watched, I tried, but that moment eluded me.  It was the perfect balance between silence and solitude, a stillness and a quiet that was mine along.  Well, mine and the fishermen as they made their way out into the bay.  I sat down on the edge of a lounge chair and watched the purple burn off into blue.

The sun broke through the last of the shadows and shimmered across the water.  Everything was still and quiet before the heat of the day.  One of the chefs from the kitchen peeked his head up from the galley and he waved.  “Coffee?”  he whispered, his voice heavily accented.  I nodded.

I took two cups of coffee back to my bunk and waved the coffee towards my sleeping (frozen) sister.

“Oh…  WARM!”  she murmured sleepily as she curled her fingers around the cup.  She pulled the coffee cup towards her as she slept.  “WHy you up?”

“It’s warm out there,”  I laughed.

“mm.  True.”

Breakfast was uneventful. Apparently there was no cilantro at breakfast.  We cruised our way to our own private island.
ImageThe beaches were alabaster white sand, and it crushed between your toes with the feeling of cornstarch.  It felt almost fake as we walked out and around on the tiny little islet.  Kayaks were available for us and we were able to paddle in and around the area.  Our tour guide and the chefs made us lunch on the beach, grilling fish and other meats on an open fire on the beach for us.


Like an amusement park. Only with real rock.

After lunch we hiked up the side of the islet and explored a cave.  It seemed to me almost like a Disney ride.

I whispered quietly to my sister, “And now is when the pirates show up and our tour guide has to save us.”

“Hush!” SHe admonished.

“No really.  This is like Universal Studios does Vietnam.  It doesn’t even feel real!”

She grinned and pointed out a fire extinguisher tucked into a corner of the cave.  “Maybe you’re right.”

The view from the top was amazing and we relaxed watching the view and enjoying a few icy cold Tiger beers.  I couldn’t imagine anywhere else being so perfect, so quiet, so peaceful.  Relaxing on my beach with my yacht anchored only a few feet off shore…  it was a perfect way to spend a day.

I inhaled two books cover to cover on the beach that day.


Just perfect.

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